TINTING: Brow Henna 60 minutes

Price: £28



Brow Henna includes brow shape.

In our salon we only use natural Brow Henna for eyebrow colouring which is a professional bestseller since its release! It not only gives the eyebrows stunning volume and expressive color, but also helps restore weak and damaged hairs. Henna helps you grow your eyebrows back! Eyebrow tinting without oxidand! And it stays up to 6 weeks in hair!

Wanna know more?

  • Brow Henna by Irina Levchuk is a natural dye made from henna, an ancient plant that has a rich history of being used for cosmetic colouring purposes spanning thousands of years. Today, Brow Henna is a best seller for eyebrow colouring as it not only boasts vivid and rich colour, but also offers unique health benefits by helping to restore weak and damaged hair follicles.
  • Brow Henna penetrates the shaft of the hair follicle and tints the skin leaving luscious, long-lasting colour, similar to a permanent makeup effect but without unwanted reddish tones. Brow Henna is made up of natural ingredients that encourage the vitality of hair follicles while reinvigorating the eyebrow’s natural shape.
  • Rest assured, due to the incredibly durable nature of Brow Henna’s ingredients, whatever hue you choose will last for up to 14 days on the skin and 6-7 weeks in hair!


Czy wiesz, że sekret henny brwi Brow Henna tkwi w specjalnej formule opartej na naturalnych składnikach, które pozwalają zabarwić nie tylko włosy, ale także skórę. Zabarwienie pozwala uzyskać efekt tatuażu na skórze od 5 do 14 dni i do 6-7 tygodni na włosach. Produkty dedykowane są przede wszystkim osobom o zniszczonych i słabych brwiach, posiadającym przeciwwskazania do makijażu permanentnego gdzie trudno o efekt naturalnych brwi.