Price: £308 – £560



Bio keratin hair extensions.

Double drown premium slavic hair 1 strands maintenance job with a price of £2,8 (for all lengths).

Full Head 110-200 strands 308-560£
Half Head for volume 60-100 strands 168-336£

In our salon the Hair Extension Expert is Master qualificated in Russia - Olivia.

Popular hair extension technologies:

These days we talk in details about hair extension technologies. Let's start by dividing all the technologies into 2 types. We call them Cold and Hot. Now let's recall all the existing and existing technologies for today, and these are: Spanish technology, Italian technology, Tape technology, Japanese technology, Chinese, Afro-extension (Hollywood), Ultrasonic extension, etc. In general, as you already understood, there is still an infinite number of “names” which to one degree or another are simply “modifications” of an existing technology. Do you really need to understand all the technologies? Of course not, filtering out the unnecessary is pretty simple. Quality, safety, versatility and if you equate all technologies to the most popular technologies, it will look like this: Italian technology, Tape technology, Japanese technology

Which technology we use?

We prefer the Italian technology as it's the most popular in Russia which is first rank in the beauty industry and is developing very quickly in this direction. Also tape in technology as well. In our salon we provide only the best world services and this also includes Italian extension technology or Russian extensions, because the procedure uses Slavic hair (Russian hair) and only the original Italian keratin that allows you to keep your hair is in good condition and at the same time be completely invisible and comfortable to wear from 2-3 months, procedure takes 2-4 hours.

How does the extension work?

  • First step is to order the hair individually for you, the delivery takes about 5-7 days
  • Second step is preparing the hair for extension - the construction of capsules (bonds)
  • Third step is the extension of hair - attaching one strand with a keratin capsule (bond) to the client’s hair with hot forceps, do not be alarmed, hot forceps are only needed to heat keratin and stick it!