EYELASH EXTENSION: Mega Volume (Russian) -20% 180 minutes

Price: £44



Eyelash extension treatments are made by our professional Gabriela who has 2 years of experience in a beauty salon in Poland >

We guarantee the highest level of all treatments. We use only professional products from the the Secret Lashes brand.

We offer different methods of eyelash application. This one is the Mega Volume Russian Style method - gluing from 2 o 10 mink eyelashes on one natural eyelash. This is the Mega Russian Style Volume - the method of lengthening and thickening inspired by Russian volume techniques.

As you can see, extended eyelashes emphasize the beauty and color of your eyes. Thanks to them, our look becomes more sensual and unique, and we don't need to spend so much time in the bathroom every day to do makeup! You can gain more time for yourself! Therefore, do not wait and book your appointment with us today for your new beautiful eyelashes!